Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sorry - I've been bad

I keep meaning to post but it's been a bear of a week. The power keeps going out at work, which means we sit in the dark for an hour or more and then have to play catch-up.

On to what you really want to hear about - Roller Derby. I skated on Tuesday and my fanny is not broken yet. But my legs hurt.

No, seriously. Mom - she is doing fairly well altho I can see her getting a little weaker each day. Mentally, she's all there sometimes and not so much at others. She's more tired and sleeping more.

The doctor will decide on Monday if she is going to get more chemo. I'm not getting my hopes up - we'll just have to see.

We are working on a Thanksgiving feast and I'm going to be washing china this weekend. She's had the china since she got married (almost 50 years ago this December) and has used exactly 4 plates of it exactly once - about 2 years ago when I forced it on Thanksgiving. So we're going to have a blowout and try not to break the dishes :)

I knitted my second ever hat and gave it to mom. She was not really impressed. I'm trying again with a better (read EXPENSIVE) yarn. I let her pick from the colors I had and hopefully she will like it. It's blue.

And now, back to the closing binders.....


Blogger Erin said...

Glad to hear a pretty good update. And I think using the china is an excellent idea. I actually put "use china and crystal once a year" on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list just so I wouldn't end up in that situation. It wasn't china we requested, it was left to us by DH's grandmother, but still. What's the point of having it sit in a cabinet? Use it! And her being home for Thanksgiving (regardless of circumstances) is an excellent reason to celebrate with china!

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