Thursday, September 08, 2005

I am so upset I could cry

I offered a stand for sale on the TWBB. It's an Ergo floor stand. I found a buyer. She wanted to pay in two installments of $50 and I said fine. I sent her the stand after I got her first $50 payment.

Today I get this:

The Ergo arrived today. I do have a question about the clamp. It's not like any of the Artisan Design clamps that I have, nor is it like the 8 yr old clamps that my friend Vanessa has. It's not finished like an Artisan clamp. Did you replace the clamp with another brand?

So I respond:

I think the clamp came from K's creations but cannot be certain - I had the clamp from a previous stand and it worked well with both qsnaps and scroll frames so I kept it. I don't have any extra clamps running around that I can find, just the one that came with my current K's creations lap stand which is the only other stand I have.

And I get:

You never mentioned that you didn't have the clamp that came with the Ergo. I have never cared for K's Creations products. For me to replace it with an Artisan Designs clamp would cost me an additional $35 plus shipping. By the time I give you $100 plus shipping, then I turn around and buy the clamp from Artisan, I could pretty much have paid for a brand new Ergo. Needless to say, I'm not happy at all about this. I feel that you sold this to me under false pretenses. There was no mention at all about this not having the original clamp.

So I respond:

I am very sorry that you are upset. I was not planning to ask you to pay the shipping anyway. As far as I can tell, base price on the Ergo is $164 and the chart holder is $43. So the total for that would be $207 plus shipping brand new. I sold you mine for $100. I was not going to ask you for the shipping because you are a fellow BBer.

What do you suggest we do to resolve this?

And I get:

"You also didn't mention the chartholder, which is something that I would never have purchased in the first place. If I had wanted the chart holder, I could have purchased it for half price last week at Hobby Lobby. If you can come up with the original clamp, I'll gladly pay the remaining $50. Paying $100 for a used Ergo that was complete wouldn't be bad buy, but this one is pretty beat up and doesn't have the original clamp, so that further devalues it."

Ok, pretty beat up? Not really. It's actually in very good condition. It has a few scratches on the part that goes under the chair - that's the part that goes UNDER the recliner and it's going to get scratched. $100 for a $200 stand - that's really good in my opinion. And I was nice enough to send it to her BEFORE I got her full payment, which is something a lot of folks wouldn't do. And since she was OBVIOUSLY having financial issues, I was not going to ask her to pay shipping.

For someone who sent this as an original email:

"Hi Melanie-
I saw your post about selling your Ergo. I've been wanting one for a long time but just couldn't afford one. I would love to buy the one that you have but wanted to know if you would take payment over the course of two weeks.

She sure has turned into a nightmare. I've NEVER had a problem with a trade on the BB before. NEVER. This is horrifying to me. And very upsetting to be ACCUSED in this manner. It frankly makes me feel like she's trying to get something for nothing.

Then I just got this:

"You should still tell whomever buys it that it does not come with the original clamp. It was a big shock when I opened the package and found some other piece that obviously didn't go with it. And since you've edited the original post, I don't know if it mentioned the chart holder or not. I don't recall that it did. Even so, you need to be forthcoming about the condition of the stand and every thing that comes with it."

Will she not let it go?? Did I not just SAY fine?

I sent her this:

I'm sorry you're unhappy. I will refund your $50 when the stand returns to me.

Please ship it to:


HELP!! Am I wrong here??? Or is she being a b*tch???


Blogger Christine Doyle said...

I think you handled it the best you could. Unfortunately, I worry you may never get your other $50 or your stand back. Keep us posted!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

Email me. You can find my email address on the BB where you posted the item for sale.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Nicki said...

Sending hugs. It's horrid when things go wrong like this. I really hope you get your money and stand back.

9:10 PM  
Blogger blackcat said...

I think you have handled things very well.:)


10:49 PM  

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