Monday, August 22, 2005

I decided to start a blog....

I just came home from Nashville CATS yesterday and I decided it's time for me to have a stitching blog. It seems that most of the others I met at the show have one, and since I do a lot of posting on LiveJournal as friends only nobody else can read it. Plus, nobody there really gives a hoot about my stitching.

I'll post my pictures from CATS in a bit. I need to get them loaded from my camera first.

Here's what I bought at the mart:

10 skeins of DD 92 Eungella for Long Dog Token Sampler
2 skeins of DD 22 Sapphire for TW's Tropical Dream
2 Oops packsTropical Dream
1/4 yd 20ct Opalescent Lugana (for Tropical Dream I think - I put it down 3 times but it was screaming to go home with me so I bought it)
1/2 yd 28 ct Antique Ivory Jobelan
1/2 yd 28 ct Antique White Jubilee
1/4 yd 28 ct Cream Jubilee
1/4 yd 32 ct Platinum Lugana (for my Long Dog)
Sweetheart Tree Blackberry Jam
Sweetheart Tree Rosebuds & Hardanger

And I bought one of the lap desk stitching stands from the guy at the corner as you first came in - it's wonderful!


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