Monday, August 29, 2005

What a weekend!

All day Sunday I worked in the "studio". This is where we have our desks - my husband's built in desk for his writing and my table and cabinets for my beads and cross stitch. I busted my butt.

First, I sorted. I put my cross stitch charts in one pile, my SANQ in another pile, the magazines that I actually NEED in another pile, and all the beading stuff in another pile. I put the magazines back in the wood cubes and piled a ton of them in the "sell" basket. Then I organized my charts by designer in a plastic rolling bin. (I'll post pics tomorrow to show off).

Then, I sorted my fabric by count - 28 in the top drawer, 32 in the lower drawer.

Next I sorted finished pieces from WIPs. That was the top drawer of plastic cabinet #2. Second drawer I sorted out the LoRan cards and the misc. bits that I use when kitting projects. Third drawer became WIPs.

Next set of drawers. I put all my kits that are ready to go in the top drawer, organized my qsnaps in the second drawer, and put all the odd fabrics like afghans and aida in the bottom drawer.

I went thru my WIPs that I had floating around. I finished the birth sampler for Emilee (just needed to put on the date) and the birth sampler for Rachel (needed to move her name down some and fix the date cause dad gave me the wrong one) and put the bee charm on another piece that was ready to go. So all those are finished. Happy dances!

I have to get silk to finish Oroborus (spelled that wrong I know) and I have to chart YULE for Celtic Christmas and those are done. That will finish up all my "bits and pieces" left over!

Then I moved on to threads. I organized the threads in my card catalog cabinet, and put labels on the drawers. And I went thru and put them all in the thread book I keep. And I did my DMC in the threadbeds and in the boxes for my extra full skeins. Tonight I'll do the cut bits since I use Loran for my projects.

And I washed the silk for The Token too.

How did I do so much and get a nap too???????


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