Monday, August 22, 2005

Picture post

OK - here are the stitchers - Now, I'm awful at names, especially when I meet this many people at once, so I hope somebody can identify everyone :)

Starting in the lower left: Gwena Lynne, Heather Lott, 1Terry (to the right and behind Heather), Pat (Annette's mom), Erin, Suzemo, Stasha, Cris. Directly behind Heather in the next row is Autumn, Dianne, Cheryl, WG, Wendy, Sally. The row behind Autumn is Ginny (please forgive me for not remembering right away & w/help from Annette on remembering), Kate, Annette (to the right and down below Kate), Dana (to the right and below Annette), medievelneedle (to the right and behind Dana), Renee (to the right and behind medievelneedle), Kari (in front of Renee), and Rob (Wendy's husband)

I'm going to poke the rest of my images from the trip up on my yahoo photos page at


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