Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just checking in

I have been bad about not posting. I was offline the week after the funeral for the most part and then this week at work has kicked my a**. I think I'm finally getting caught up, but OSHA probably has a warning out about my office area.

I had my first really hard mom moment the day before yesterday. I was buying valentine cards and I realized I wasn't buying one for mom. Or candy or flowers. I always made a big deal of valentines day with her because dad didn't. It was our little holiday together. And we all know how much mom loved chocolate candy - so I always made it my mission to find the biggest heart of chocolate I could.

Most of the cleaning out is done. If you are a family member or friend of the family reading this and you have not heard from me about a little something from mother, please email me. I have many things set aside for family and mom's close friends but have not had time to deliver or get with everyone about sending things.

I think the greatest thing I have from mom is Nana's bracelet. I wear it every day and think of her. It was mom's favorite - kind of stretchy and very pretty. There was a place for it to be engraved, but it never was. Knowing the history of so many of the family things means so much. Mom wrote everything down. Everything.

For example, in the box for the necklace I have on today - "This has been in my family for many years. It was Aunt Annie's then mothers and mother gave it to me long before she died." It's a beautiful piece - silver and gold with a large gold stone in the middle. I think it was once gold plated but in most parts the plating has worn off. The little earrings with it are adorable, but unfortunately I can only last about an hour in earrings at work due to the phone.

On Sunday I will do my ancestor ceremony and add mom to my ancestor shrine on my mantle. Currently, the shrine resides on top of the TV but I am moving it to the hearth as the center of our home and adding mother and some other members of the family that I now have pictures of (My grandmother's parents & Aunt Mary Letson).

Guess that's all for now - back to mailing out the bills at work.


Anonymous Missy Ann said...

How wonderful of your Mom to leave notes with some of her things.

Why don't you buy yourself a heart full of chocolate and share it with your dh in honor of your mom?


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Blogger Susan said...


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