Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sorry for not posting

The last thing in the world I needed to happen did - I got sick. I've got bronchitis with a sinus infection and so have had to stay well away from mom and the hospital since I left on Saturday night. Probably shouldn't have been there Saturday but what can I do.....

Anyway, I can't go near her until at least tomorrow. I'll have been on antibiotics for 3 days then and should be safe.

All I know:

Mom has a small blood clot in her lung. They are treating it with blood thinners. She is still having lots of trouble breathing. It appears that the chemo killed off much of the tumor in her lung. It is still in the spine, but I have no idea how much. As for the bleeding - no answers. Also she has had some tests on her heart for irregular heartbeat and that has been medicated as well. I'm trying to get a little more info from the doctors today and will post what I find out.


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