Friday, December 22, 2006

OK, Blogger hates me

So here are the pictures that I have tried 3 times to post from Picasa.
Now, for the TW Footprints update:

Mallory - who needs lights with these eyes?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Gilmer Getaway

This is my baby beader LibbyAbby's bracelet

And here she is working on the next one...
Which turned out like this....
And Jewel loved her. She wanted to take the little girl home.
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Gilmer Getaway - Fall 2006

This is my "bumps" bracelet - delicas on the strap, then size 11 seeds, then size 8 hexes, then size 6 seeds, then the top rounds are Baltic amber.

This is my bling bracelet - silver seed beads in right angle weave on the base with crystals across the top. It's HUGE and GAUDY and I love it!
And this is me with Jewel on my head. She's a head sleeper and the beader mascot.
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