Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What I accomplished in 2010

2010 was one of those up and down years. But I accomplished a lot:

I ran 62 miles. My fastest mile was 10'19" and 29 of my miles were in October as I prepared to run my first 5k. I ran the Race for the Cure in Memphis on the 31st of October and finished just under my goal time of 40 minutes.

I knitted lots of things - socks, shawls and gloves. I finished my white shawl and white opera length gloves before DAR Continental Congress in July and wore them both to Page in Washington - another first.

I went to Knoxville for the first time for State Conference (not my first) and Washington DC for the first time for National Congress (which was a first). I went to Kansas City for a few days to visit with some stitching friends too.

2011 is going to be a good year too. I'm going to knit a lot of socks, and finish my shawl that I started last year. I'm going to Nashville for State Conference where I will serve as a Vice-Chairman of Pages. Probably no DC this year.

I also plan to complete the Gateway to 8k plan and run a few races this year.

I need to get photos of some of my knitting and post them soon. Until then - Happy New Year and may 2011 give you all of the blessings you desire!!


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