Friday, May 30, 2008

Vacation Recap

Blogger is singularly uncooperative when it comes to uploading pictures into my blog. So sorry for the multiple posts of photos from vacation but I am sure you'll deal :)

We left for Arkansas on Saturday afternoon. The bird was on his way to Huntsville to stay with our good friends down there and his bird friend Kethry. The drive was easy, and we didn't get lost.

At Mt. Ida we checked in to our cabin, and then went for a walk. Nature girl I am not. We'll get to that later. After Mark cooked up the burgers we had a soak in the hot tub and went to bed.

Sunday we had breakfast and then went to Arrowhead Crystal Mine. We spent from about 11 until about 3 digging. We decided to actually buy a pocket and have a pile to dig through rather than just wandering around on our own this time. We had a great time, and found lots and lots of crystals.

Monday I went for a trail ride while Mark stayed at the cabin, as he's not much for horses. Note that he would not even come down and take a picture of me on the horse. Yeah. He just doesn't do horses.

In fact, note how many pictures of me there are. Because he didn't take any. Well, he took one, but it was so bad I cut it down so you can only see the fish. Note also that I bought a new camera for this trip.

After my trail ride we went for a canoe trip. 6 miles down the river. I fished, and I caught a fish (and let it go after our photo op).

We left the cabins on Tuesday morning and drove to visit my Aunt Sarah and Uncle James. Sarah is my mom's sister, closest to her in age. We had a great visit. We took a trip out to the farm and Sarah is nature girl. Mom never let me go into the buildings, or look at things because she was afraid of snakes and ticks and spiders. Now, I don't do spiders or ticks or things that crawl in my hair or my face. I used half a can of Off before going into the woods. Sarah just charged in. I got to see things I didn't know existed out there, and look forward to going back on a salvage mission when there has been a good frost - maybe January.

We visited the cemetery and my grandparents' graves. We also visited the Arnold cemetery which I had never been to and saw my great-grandparents' graves. I photographed all the stones in both cemeteries for the online cemetery project.

It was sad to head home on Wednesday but we did. And we drove all the way back to Mt. Ida just to visit The Crystal Seen. We stopped there on our way out of town for acid to clean the crystals and enjoyed our visit so much that we decided to go back to buy our thank you gifts for Mark's dad and for our friends in Huntsville who kept the bird.

While it is good to be home, it is lonely without Bogey and I'll be glad to get to Huntsville tonight to see the little boy.


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Loved my vicarious trip along with you. You have a real eye for description. More please!

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