Friday, October 16, 2009

We went to Florida last Saturday and came back on Wednesday. Had two days of hell getting caught up at work. Mark was off the whole week so he caught up on 7 loads of laundry yesterday. Fun and stuff.

On Saturday we landed, got the car, ate lunch, hung out, and then went to dinner at Bonefish Grill. It was good, but life is hard for the girl with the late life shellfish allergy in Florida. I love crab and shrimp and now I can't have it so it just makes me mad.

Sunday was my knitting class. I got to meet Wendy Johnson of Wendy Knits ( and thoroughly enjoyed my class. I had my "aha" moment with socks and now think I can move into doing bigger and better things with them. We came back to Grandmas and then went to eat at TJ's Italian Cafe. To top off the lovely day, we crossed the street and stood on the beach looking at the gulf, listening to the tide and watching the lightening. I recharged my batteries then.

Monday we went to the Reddington Long Pier to fish. I rented equipment and bought a bucket of live shrimp. I baited my own hook (except the once where Mark showed me how with a live shrimp) and I removed my own fish (except twice, once to watch it done and once when a particularly spiny bugger arrived and I couldn't get a grip). In 2 hours out there I caught about 10 fish - mostly Jacks (with a yellow tail) and a pinfish and a small ladyfish. Great fun. But my sunlight limit is 2 hours. That afternoon we went book shopping and also stopped at a bird store where I held 4 month old baby blue front amazons. It made me feel better as I have been missing my boy (he comes home tonight). We had leftover pizza from the night before with grandma and then played Park and Shop and cards.

Tuesday we went to the beach, took a nice walk and visited the wild bird sanctuary. Then we played in the water some and went home, where I took a swim in the pool. We stayed at the house for a while and puttered around and then we took off back out for a round of Adventure Golf. I was not going to be near the water, so I took a camera.

Mark holding his ball:

Me sunning myself

After golfing we went home for a shower, then had dinner at Olive Garden. Went home and played more cards with grandma. Because we are exciting people you know.

Wednesday we got up, got packed, and kind of hung out until time to go for the plane. Mark wanted to detour to ANOTHER bookstore on the way. Easy flight home, and we were back. Yaay.

One thing we took photos of.... lizards. Tiny wee lizards everywhere. We were the paparazzi.

And when we went to play Adventure Golf - they had bigger lizards. They called them Baby Alligators. See if you can find the ex-baby-alligator-chew-toy in the photos.

All in all great trip, total blast, give it a 10.


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