Monday, November 27, 2006

Visit to the Farm.

This weekend my mother and I went to visit her sister, my Aunt Sarah, in Gurdon, Arkansas. We also went out to visit where my grandfather's farm used to be and placed flowers on my grandparents' grave.

Pic #1 - even when everything has been torn down, nature takes over. Nandina bushes are growing everywhere, and the beautiful red berries are showing through.

Pic 2 - this is the chimney from the farmhouse. The farmhouse was torn down, but the chimney still stands.
Pic 3 - also still standing, despite being at least 100 years old, the log smokehouse. The door is still attached and all 4 walls are up even if the roof is starting to come down.
Pic 4- My mom is on the left and my Aunt Sarah is on the right (dear Aunt Sarah - I told you I was going to post it on the internet!).
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