Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am so gonna be mad....

My dress for Halloween and the fall SCA event has not arrived.

Not such a big deal, right. I mean, there are people starving in Africa. But this dress was being custom made and I've waited A YEAR to get it.

The lady making it has had some health issues, and I totally understand that. So I didn't press her to have it ready last May for the event then. And I didn't press her to have it ready in July for the event then. Didn't go to those anyway, so who cares.

But I'm going to this one. And I've been really looking forward to wearing this dress.

And it wouldn't be so bad if she would just email me and say "sorry, I just didn't get it done" but she has had NOTHING to say. Nothing.

And now I'm stalking the postman and the runner. Neither of which are amused.


Blogger Karin said...

I hope the dress arrives soon! A year is a long time to wait - I'd be mad too.

12:15 AM  
Blogger No Easy Beads said...

Mel, Did your dress make it in time?

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Renaissance by Maurita said...

Thank you so much for being so understanding. Glad I was able to get the dress to you in time for the SCA event. And I am so sorry I was not able to get it to you sooner. RC

8:10 PM  

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