Thursday, August 24, 2006

Interesting morning.....

OK, so I go out this morning and I find this in my carport:

Nice doggie. Well, not so much. Growl. Bark. So, not being the kind to mess with a disinclined dog, I went back in the house and called my husband. Who told me to call animal control. So, I did. I mean, I can't get out right?

Dog had entered carport with a lot of chain attached to its collar. Dog had proceeded to wrap its chain around the large peace lilly pot and the post on the carport. Dog was not inclined to let me set it free.

About 45 minutes later, the owner shows up. The dog is Natalie. She's a shepherd/akita/chow mix. She's sweet as a button when daddy is around. But in a strange place with a strange person, not so much. Very shy, like Daria. So I understand. He took his dog home.However, my plants are destroyed. I think that possibly Cleo will make it, and I hope that my aloe will be ok after being nibbled. The rue is dead I'm pretty sure. And my rosemary bush - well, that's the lump you see between doggie's paws in the first picture.


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