Friday, January 26, 2007

Six Weird Things

Saw this over on Arthemise's blog ( and decided to do it here just cause I have nothing much to say (still have the crud).

1. I am terrified of goats. It's getting better, but I hate the little buggers. When I was about 4 the goats at the San Diego Zoo tried to eat me. It sucked.

2. I am currently saving up for a custom corset, and I regularly wear corsets under my daily clothes. Not tight lace corsets, just support and smoothing.

3. I listen to more books than I read. It's just easier that way.

4. I was married on the Ides of March.

5. I can handle any kind of emergency, including blood and guts, but cannot handle vomit. Ever.

6. I attract cats. I can go outside and sit very quietly and think hard about cats and they will come to me. When my best friend killed himself, I was sitting on the curb just kind of in a fog and I looked up and all the neighborhood cats around his house had come out - there were about 10 cats gathered around watching me.

K - your turn :)


Blogger Arthemise said...

Yay, you volunteered! Sorry you're feeling poorly.

Strange, I can handle vomit if it's a loved one, but anything else makes me go wobbly. When I broke my toe, DH had to do everything with it. I couldn't even look at it.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Missy Ann said...

Attract cats; that's cute! But yes, the goat thing is *strange*. ;)

10:40 AM  

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